Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Michelle's Email

Email message from Michelle:

Hey out there!

It's been a long time coming but a huge Hi from the shores of England from Michelle. Hope you haven't forgotten me yet - I came out with Emma at the start of August, had a blast, and now am back in my reality with mixed thoughts and emotions! Just wanted to say thanks for putting us up and giving us a chance to feel part of 'real' Mongolia. As I have figured from reading your webpages it's happened to myself like many others before and no doubt after, that the ranch has crawled its way under my skin. It's great to have the memories now I'm back in the hustle and madness of teaching and life back here. You guys were such fun and thankfully didn't laugh toooo hard at my random attempts to ride those horses! If or WHEN I return I'll be ready to hit the plains and head off into the wilderness for an adventure under the stars. I can't think of anything better.

But my night spent out on my adopted platform tower star gazing, watching the trains roll by and the sun light up the morning, as well as trying to remember not to roll off the edge after the wine and that honey beer was one of the soul lifting nights of my whole trip.

Have often wondered about the wolf cub - have you had to release it to the wilds yet? I guess it won't be long - I saw those teeth! I have some great pictures and feel really privileged to have had the chance to hang out with one of the most mesmorising species on this planet.

So what plans are afoot for the autumn? Are the nights getting cold? Let me know when you get the first snow and definitely post up some pictures - it's not going to take much to get me jumping back on the plane. I guess you'll all be enjoying the sauna this winter!

Well please say thanks to everyone, send me one of the cats and some wine in a plain box via customs and who knows - I hope we will meet again :-)


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Nagisa's Travel Blog Entry

"We went horseriding (the views were just so surreal), hand milked cows, made cheese, helped tuya round up the cattle (horseback!) from the unfenced land surrounding the small village at 9.30pm when it was only just starting to get dark."

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


About 20 people who live in Ulaanbaatar came up to the ranch over the weekend. Daniel, of Millie's Cafe, caught a fish for the first time in Mongolia. Jonathan also caught a fishhook in his cheek, but Martin removed it.

* * *

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