Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Johan de Zoete wrote

Hi there, Martin.

How are you? I am well.

Rhoda and I had a great time at your ranch. Thanks to you and Minjee for the hospitality.

Take care, and all the best

well thank you for the nice e-mail it makes us think here on the ranch we are doing the right thing.
unfortunately we still haven't got your pictures yet .....please send some thanks

stefan from germany and emilie from the states came to stay a few days at the ranch

emilie on a learning holiday loves horses and has been working on many horse ranchs breaking in horses so before she left mongolia she did break a mongolian horse(we hope to have some pictures from that)

emilie ?????

wrong mount you are on a cow not a horse they don't need breaking in

that's better girl now you got it right

stefan on a world tour and mongolia being his first stop has a long way to go ...all the best mate and good luck

stefan i hope you will see many more beautiful places on your journey ...zaya says carefull out there