Wednesday, April 01, 2009


BY HOSTEL BOOKERS: Riding out on a ranch with the nomads in Mongolia

Ride out on a ranch with the nomads of Mongolia. The Anak Ranch lies amongst the stark beauty of the wild Mongolian plains.

Guests staying here can sleep under the stars in a ‘Ger’, a semi-permanent tent and the traditional dwelling of choice for the Mongolian nomad. Prepare to become a true nomad as the wilderness becomes your home and the nomads are your guide. You’ll herd horses, sheep and cattle, make milk and cheese, and live off the fruits of your labour. You might even get the chance to deliver a baby animal, fish in the Orkhon River or ride through the heart of the steppes in search of a lost Buddhist monastery. Once night falls, settle around a campfire and learn to drink vodka ‘The Mongolian Way’ – ‘accepting a proffered glass with honor and blessing the land in the directions of the four winds’. Either way, it’ll get you pretty merry. Best of all, a portion the profits from the price of accommodation, meals and horse-riding go towards improving conditions at the largest prison in Mongolia, so it’s really a holiday with a heart.
By Hostel Bookers | Photo: Hostel Bookers

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